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Residential Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Services for all Brisbane and Northside Suburbs. Call 0419 744 302

Having a comfortable home is one of our greatest desires. Escaping the Australian heat with air conditioning is more affordable than ever before.

Choosing the best system for your demands can be tricky, but with Alecder Air, expert advice is only a phone call away.

Residential Split Systems Residential Ducted Systems

Choose The System and Brand You Want

We’re not locked in with any air conditioner brands that would bind us to selling only their systems, so we have the flexibility to offer you air conditioning units from any manufacturer. It's your home, you should have the freedom to choose the bands your trust.

Other than our complete brand flexibility, our technicians are also trained to install all types of air conditioners, these include:

OurProcess is Simple

Beat the Australian heat by getting the best-suited air conditioning for your home, budget, and living needs. The process is simple.

  1. After contacting us, we will come to your house.
  2. Take all the measurements necessary for an AC Installation.
  3. Note down all your requirements, and orders.
  4. We will provide you the best rates possible in a written quote.
  5. Upon your approval, we will order the air conditioning unit.
  6. When the order has arrived, our installation team will install the system in your house. Our technicians also take care of the wiring and electrical work with the installation.

March 11

Prompt friendly service by a guy who knows his stuff. And the price was right. Very highly recommended.