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When does your air conditioning system need repair or cleaning?

Many people don’t realise the need to get air conditioner systems serviced until they stop working completely. An air conditioner in need of servicing will be using significantly more electricity and inadequately cooling.

AC systems require regular cleaning and general servicing, even if they are not showing any apparent malfunctioning. Servicing will keep your air conditioner running efficiently and cooling well.

Most commercial air systems require servicing every three months to keep them running efficiently, and according to Australian regulations.

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To book a service simply call us or complete the enquiry form above, ask for a time and date that best suits you. We will arrange a time to visit the commercial area, examine the system in detail and perform the necessary maintenance.

Schedule Quarterly A/C Maintenance With Us

Commercial buildings should have regular servicing to their air systems. Schedule maintenance with us and we can provide you with a cost effective maintenance solution. Scheduled maintenance will guarantee your air system runs smoothly, saves energy and provides cooling to it’s full capacity. We also offer service agreements on monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and annually terms.

A typical service will include:
  1. Check system operation
  2. Clean filters
  3. Flush and clean drains
  4. Check air flow
  5. Check zoning if applicable
  6. Check thermostat operation
  7. Check system operation on completion

Servicing The Greater Brisbane and Northside Suburbs

We're located on the northside and provide servicing to all brisbane and northside business premises. Keep your air conditioning system in perfect condition with us and maintain a cool workplace environment.

Geoff Lyall
11 June

I recently had an air con installed in my business . I was very impressed with the prompt service and professionalism that we received, I would rate this business number 1. Friendly helpful service, great rates and 100% professional, Thank you Alecder Air