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A/C and Ducted Relocation Service

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Had renovations or changes to your office floor plan and need your air conditioner or ducted vents relocated to suit?

Our technicians can quickly move your split system air conditioner or ducted air systems.

Contact us if you have any queries or need any assistance regarding AC relocation, maintenance, or servicing. Our on-site hours are flexible, we can schedule work outside of your business hours, avoiding interruptions to your usual business operations.

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We have the regassing tools, gas recovery tools, and skills required to move an outside unit, wall unit, and ducted vents. Air Conditioner relocation is one of our many specialties and we work with years of experience to mitigate any shortcomings or trouble.

Talk to an Expert and Get Expert Solutions

Feel free to contact us anytime. All calls are answered by our air conditioner technicians who can provide you expert advice and solutions to suit your needs. Relocating an air conditioning system is not simple. Our technicians handle everything with care and the proper equipment to meet the ARC quality standards.

Our Process

Our process is simple, first contact us and we will discuss your situation. Then we will come out to your premises to get measurements and provide you with a written quote.

Our on site hours are flexible so we can schedule work outside of your business hours to avoid any interruption to the usual operations within your building. When you choose to go ahead with the quote, we can schedule a time that suits your needs.

Geoff Lyall
June 16

Thank you Alecder Air, Christmas Lunch was so Cool, A very Happy wife, Cool guests, It was worth the effort you put in to help us and so much appreciated, Thank you Roelof, Cheers Geoff. (Highly recommend).