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Split System Air Conditioner Servicing Just $132

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Is your Air Con Noisy, Blowing Warm Air, Or Leaking Water? Your Air Conditioner Might Need a Service.

Many people don’t realise the need to get their air conditioners serviced until it stops working. Occasional maintenance is necessary, even if it’s not showing any apparent malfunctioning.

An air conditioner in need of servicing will be using significantly more electricity and be inadequately cooling. Get your a/c serviced for just $132 and restore like new cooling performance & energy efficiency.

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We’re located on and provide servicing to the northside of Brisbane. We have the best rates in the market and with us, you can rest assured that your system will run smoothly without technical problems.

Get Your A/C Services at a Time That Suits You

Air Con Servicing with Alecder Air and be scheduled to suit your time and budget; Our services are thorough, fast, and affordable. We only use biodegradable chemicals. Non-toxic and non-harmful.

A typical service will include:
  1. Disassembling of casing
  2. Cleaning of the coil and fins with a cleaning fluid.
  3. Cleaning of outer casing, the inner fan and filters.
  4. Check drainage
  5. Heating and Cooling test
  6. Check of air pressure

Geoff Lyall
June 16

Thank you Alecder Air, Christmas Lunch was so Cool, A very Happy wife, Cool guests, It was worth the effort you put in to help us and so much appreciated, Thank you Roelof, Cheers Geoff. (Highly recommend).

Restoring Your Air Conditioner To It's Like New Cooling Performance