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Residential Split System

Modern Air Conditioner Units are more energy efficient than ever. They’re designed to run 24/7 and do so cost effectively.

Modern Split Systems are making it more affordable to escape the Australian heat - make your home cool and comfortable. No more nights it’s too hot to sleep, or unproductive days because it's too hot to work.

The right split system for your home will improve your quality of life without the hefty price tag & running costs. Seek our help to find the best-suited system for your home and budget.


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One Business, All Solutions

Just like any other technology, installation and maintenance of air conditioners require a professional. We cater to all your air conditioning needs, saving you the trouble of contacting multiple service providers.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our goal is to cover all aspects when it comes to air conditioning systems. Whether you are worried about energy consumption, want to cool small or large rooms, require individual thermal control in each room, or want an air conditioner within your budget. We will assist you in making the right decisions for your home and needs. We will provide our services according to your demands.

Our Process is Simple

Beat the Australian heat by getting the best-suited air conditioning for your home, budget, and living needs. The process is simple.

  1. After contacting us, we will come to your house.
  2. Take all the measurements necessary for an AC Installation.
  3. Note down all your requirements, and orders.
  4. We will provide you the best rates possible in a written quote.
  5. Upon your approval, we will order the air conditioning unit.
  6. When the order has arrived, our installation team will install the system in your house. Our technicians also take care of the wiring and electrical work with the installation.

Geoff Lyall

11 June

I recently had an air con installed in my business . I was very impressed with the prompt service and professionalism that we received, I would rate this business number 1. Friendly helpful service, great rates and 100% professional, Thank you Alecder Air